A Review of NYC Ballet MOVES

A few days after Fantasia came NYC Ballet MOVES. Though the whole company consists of around ninety ballet dancers, only ten of them came to the Gaillard for the performance. There were five women and five men and they were the best of the best. Their muscle definition was so clear even from the box tier; patron and GPHF Vice Chairwoman Renée Anderson said they looked like an anatomy poster come to life! They danced along to music played by a live symphony from the orchestra pit, similar to what you’d see at a performance like the Nutcracker. Some of the music was more modern like This Bitter Earth, which was made popular by the film Shutter Island, and others were more classical pieces, such as Ravel’s Sonatine for Piano from 1906. The music featured dual pianos which made the whole experience especially explosive. My favorite segment was just a male and a female dancer and the ballerina was twirling around the stage exactly like the one in my childhood jewelry box! Since we were seated in the box tier and couldn’t really disturb anyone, my mom got out of her chair and was doing pliés and other ballet positions along with the dancers. She never took ballet so I have no idea what came over her. It was definitely an entertaining anecdote to the real ballerinas! 7/10. Next up: Charleston Symphony Orchestra’s Country Legends!