A Review of CSO’s Country Legends

I recently attended the Charleston Symphony Orchestra’s Country Legends concert at the Gaillard. What struck me from the very beginning was that every single musician was wearing JEANS! The symphony, wearing jeans!!! […]

A Review of NYC Ballet MOVES

A few days after Fantasia came NYC Ballet MOVES. Though the whole company consists of around ninety ballet dancers, only ten of them came to the Gaillard for the performance. There […]

A Review of Disney’s Fantasia

Next up on the list of reviews is Disney’s Fantasia performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra! While I don’t remember ever seeing Disney’s Fantasia when I was a child […]

A Review of RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles

Hi everyone! In the past couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to go to four different Gaillard Center events! They were all really spectacular, as usual. It made me […]